Induction Cooking Temperature Guide With Heat Settings- Simmering Temp

Excessive heat is being used for food preparation which is one of the greatest hindrances to nutrition. All is due to fast lifestyle, fast-moving, and fast-food culture. Generally, we use 1000 degrees for grilling and 350-450 degrees for deep-fry. Although it is the quickest way to get the food, it comes at a nutritional cost because all the nutrients can’t withstand high temperatures. Further, if you have best roasting pans for induction, you will have great cooking experience by following our temperature guide.

Induction Cooking Temperature Guide

Induction cooking is the latest way to get nutrient food within no time. You might be reading this article because you have an induction cooktop at home. if you don’t have and want to purchase a new one, then have a look at induction cooktop buying guide to choose the best one. The fresh vegetables and meat have natural inbuilt goodness that quickly disappear if you apply the wrong cooking technique. That’s why it’s really important to know about the induction cooking temperature guide.

If you are health conscious, it might be good news for you that cooking food on induction at correct temperatures is highly beneficial. It will noticeably reduce the calories loss and retains the important vitamins, life-giving minerals, and enzymes, and reduce harmful cholesterol. Having the right temperature on induction for cooking will ensure not only healthy food but also delicious and tasty food.


Working of Induction Cooktop

Induction cooking uses magnetic-based technology. This technology generates the molecules within the induction-friendly cookware, just like made of stainless steel, iron, etc. For the working of the induction cooker, a magnetic-based circuit is created, and the cookware gets the heat due to molecular excitement.

As a result of the above process, consistent and rapid heating takes place. It all happens in just 15 seconds that is faster than electric or gas cooktops. If we talk about the quality of different induction cooktops and heat settings, it varies noticeably. It will be a great idea to go through cooktop manufacturing instructions.

Induction Cooking Temperature Guide to Start Cooking

You can’t cook anything better in the culinary world at high temperatures. On the other hand, the slow temperature can take hours to complete the cooking process. Cooking at uneven temperatures could cause the food to get over or undercooked. For induction cooking, you need to know temperature levels for accomplishing the art of cooking.

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Different types of induction cooktops have different temperature ranges. Generally, most of them start with 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees celsius).

In powerful induction cooktops, the high-temperature settings are hardly used for normal cooking. Sometimes it is valuable for quick boiling of large quantities. However, it is better not to use high temperature, always use a medium and low temperature. You should know How to Use Induction cooktop before implementing it in your kitchen.

For better understanding, let’s have a look at what temperature can be used for different types of foods.

Boiling Vegetables

To boil vegetables, you need a simmering temperature. Generally, it is lower than the boiling point. To get the ideal stewing point, try adjusting the temperature level till the water start to bubble gently.

Deep Fry

It is recommended to use low temperatures to heat up the oil slowly. If you increase the temperature, it will lead cause the oil to smoke. Maintain the temperature at low unless you want to sear. Furthermore, you can use medium-low or medium-high temperatures for deep fry.

Stir Fry

Don’t ever use high temperature for this because it can burn the food or overcook it. Using medium temperature is enough to get the pan dry.


If you want to get top-class results, then maintain the temperature between 200F to 250F. Don’t focus on the intensity of barbeques; just maintain the consistency. Get a grill plate and maintain the heat at a certain temperature level to enjoy a barbeque party.

Sauting Beef

It is perfect to use below the medium temperature to turn the beef to a perfect brown. It is better to slowly heat the oil and simmer the beef to retain the vitamins and excellent flavors.

Steaming the Vegetables

The vegetables require the right amount of temperature that should be not too much and too low. Such temperature will give a tender touch to the veggies. It is suggested to lower the temperature when it forms steam. It will slow down the steaming and boiling.

Delicate Food

The ideal temperature for delicate food is low temperature. For example, to make sauces, it’s the perfect temperature, and you can also keep your food warm with this temperature. This is one of the main advantages of induction cooktops.

Through the above information, hope you have understood well how induction cooktops can be used for different conditions and food types.

Temperature Table for Induction Cooking

Let’s have a look at the induction cooking temperature table to know about different settings and cooking functions on an induction cooktop. It doesn’t matter which induction cooktop you are using; this Induction Cooking Temperature Guide is perfect for preparing delicious and healthy food.

No. SettingsTemperature ValueFunction
To Keep WarmLow37°C(100°F )Ideal Temperature to keep the food warm in winters
To Keep WarmLow43°C(110°F )Perfect Temperature to melt frozen food like chocolate
1Low65°C (150°F)This is the temperature that is mostly used for slow cooking
2Medium-Low82°C(180°F )The perfect temperature to make sauces and soups
3Medium-Low 99°C(210°F )Ideal Temperature to steam the veggies until tender. Neither too soggy nor overcooked
4Medium116°C (240°F)Perfect for frying eggs, roasting chicken, etc.
5Medium132°C(270°F )The perfect temperature to cook pasta and noodles
6Medium-High150°C (300°F)This temperature is mostly used to make pancakes
7Medium-High 182°C (360°F)It is used to make crispy chicken fry, grilled cheese sandwiches, and brown after a sear.
8High 199°C (390°F)The ideal temperature for shallow frying meat, cutlets, popcorns, tough veggies, and fritters.
9High 216°C (420°F)It is the ultimate temperature for frying mutton chops, pork chops, etc. Moreover, perfect for large quantities or large cut veggies.
10High 232°C (450°F)The ideal temperature for quick searing of marinated chicken, vegetables, and char meat.
SearMax-Sear302°C (575°F)Perfect to develop a crust on vegetables that release water. Also, ideal for crisping skin and developing a crust on the meat.


What temperature is induction cooking?

Basically, the range of most induction cooktops is from 38 degrees Celsius to 260-degree celsius. From the highest temperature, you can judge the power of the induction cooktop. As far as the highest temperature, these settings are hardly used.

What temperature is medium-high for induction cooktops?

Short DescriThe medium-high temperature of induction cooktops ranges from 300 F to 360 F. This temperature is ideal for making crispy chicken fry, grilled sandwiches, and brown after a sear.ption

What temperature is medium-low for induction cooktops?

The medium-low temperature ranges from 150 F to 180 F. This temperature is ideal for preparing soups and sauces.

Can you slow cook on induction?

Yes, of course. Generally, induction cooktops are made to quickly prepare food. However, you can cook slowly by lowering down the temperature to the ideal setting. What’s more, the induction cooktop temperature settings range from 38 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees celsius.

Is induction cooking safe?

Usually, induction cooktops are safer than gas lines because they avoid combustion. For example, if you put a piece of paper on an induction cooktop, it will not cause a fire. However, such cooktops become dangerous for health if you prepare food in high-temperature settings.


As you know, different induction cooktops come with different temperature settings; it’s really important to know the right temperature for the right food. For example, some inductions have six control settings, and some have nineteen settings. With this in mind, we have prepared this Induction Cooking Temperature Guide for you.

Whether you are cooking for the first time or an experienced cook, trying a new recipe, or preparing something your favorite, you are completely in control. Eventually, The above-explained temperature table is perfect for cooking any food item. Just set the temperature settings and go on.

For induction cooking temperature control, it requires some practice and experience to be an expert in appropriate heat settings. Additionally, If you have the above heat chart on your fingertips, I’m sure you can cook fearlessly.

In short, you need not scare about experimenting with different temperature settings that suit your cooking. If you have perfect temperature settings, you can prepare exotic flavorful dishes within no time. Following the right temperature for the right food will retain the natural inbuilt goodness of minerals and vitamins.

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