Induction Cooktop Repair- Common Induction Stove Top Problems And Solutions

Induction cooktops have brought convenience and became a favorite among many homeowners. It’s an intelligent appliance that has made life easier. No doubt the induction cooktop helps us cook quickly, and also they are efficient, safe, and convenient to use. Like any other appliance, it is not without fault and is prone to wear and tear. At that time, you need induction cooktop repair to continue your cooking activity.

Repairing Induction Cooktop

It’s frustrating for you when you are going to prepare some food, and your appliance won’t turn on. Although it’s really disappointing, you don’t need to call the professional just yet. There are some simple fixes that you should try and find out some solution to. If the problem is complicated, don’t rely on such technicians who have not been certified in its technical aspects.

Although repairing the sockets, gas cooktops, electric cooktops, fans, toasters, etc., there is simple mechanics underneath each device. However, when we talk about induction, it is far from simple because it’s totally different from the traditional cooking method. In its mechanism, the electromagnetic energy is converted to heat to cook food.

To repair an induction cooktop on your own, try out to find what is damaged inside the cooktop and how you can prevent it from being damaged.


What Are The Problems And How To Fix Them When Induction Cooktop Doesn’t Turn On?

The induction cooktop, also called induction stove, works via electromagnetism or induction. If we dig deeper, it works with an electromagnetic field produced by an electric current that helps to directly heat up the food. Through an induction cooking setup, you can boil water 50% faster than other conventional cooktops. The best thing these stoves can maintain a specific temperature to keep your delicious meal warm all the time.

Induction Cooktop Problems

The Induction cooktop offers too many facilities, and as with other appliances, it can also be damaged. If it doesn’t turn on, then it may start working again by tweaking the settings. Or there could be issues with the power supply or maybe a burner. If there are such minor problems, you can handle them and repair induction cooktop yourself. However, if you are unlucky and the problem is complex, then you may need to call up a professional.

Here we will talk about some common issues due to which your induction cooktop is not working. But keep in mind, doing any of the tests below, don’t forget to disconnect the stove from the electric supply. Moreover, wearing protective gloves is also recommended. So, let’s have a look at the following general tests that you should try when the induction cooktop is not working.

  • The Cooktop Is In Lock Mode

It is the most common reason why the induction stove is not working. There are many high-end induction cooktops available in the market having modern and nifty features. The “lock mode” is one of them that is handy to prevent children from using the induction cooktop.

Cooktop Lock Mode

If your device is in lock mode, there might be a light on the stove which indicates it. To unlock the appliance, press down the lock button for at least five seconds. The display light will turn off, and probably you hear an audible sound. The steps may vary from model to model, and make sure you are following the instruction manual.

If the stove doesn’t work even after unlocking it, then there might be something complicated. Such problems are difficult to diagnose, and it will be great to call a professional.

  • Malfunctioned Burner

The traditional cooktops feature several burners that are raised above the surface and come in different sizes. On the other hand, the induction cooktops have a single burner that is fixed beneath the glass surface. It generates heat after a complicated process and comes in contact with the cookware.

Malfunctioned Burner of Induction Cooktop

If the appliance is not heating up, then there could be a problem with the induction burner. Maybe there are cracks in the glass surface, or the coils have gone kaput.

To diagnose this problem, remove the glass surface from the cooktop. To do this step, remove the mounting screws and clamping brackets beneath the covering. You will be able to lift the glass top easily once you have done it. Keep it aside and examine the burner and the wiring underneath it.

If there are marks of damage to the copper coils, replace them. To replace the copper coils, detach the wire harnesses and attach the new model. In this process, you may use the old spring clips because the newly bought parts don’t include them.

  • Lack of Power

The induction cooktops require electricity to produce an electromagnetic field. So, if there’s no power source, it means your appliance won’t heat up. One possibility is your circuit breaker has tripped, and it’s interrupting the power supply.

Power Problems In Induction Cooktop

To confirm the circuit breakage issue, go to the circuit breaker box. If you see the cooktop’s switch is stuck in between “on” and “off” positions, it is confirmed that the circuit is tripped. To fix this problem, reset the cooktop. This means turn off the cooktop and hold it for a few seconds. Then again, switch on the circuit.

If there are still signs of damage, then you might need to call the professionals.

What Can Be Damaged In An Induction Stove?

The induction cooktop consists of complex machinery that could damage. There are many parts that can be damaged, and they are:

  • Filter board
  • Main control board
  • Touch control board
  • Glass assembly
  • Elements coil
  • Terminal box

The induction cooktop’s machinery is a complex piece of electronic circuit that may disturb you.

What should I do if the induction cooktop has broken?

The first thing that needs to look for is your original purchase receipt. Note the brand’s name and model number and call their customer support to repair it. If your appliance is under warranty, it’s a perfect time to repair it. Otherwise, ask them for fixed-price repair. You can also compare the repair and replacement costs and go for a suitable option.

Keep in mind that the glass of the induction cooktop is the most expensive part.

How To Avoid The Damage Or Breakout Of The Induction Cooktop?

There are a few instructions, or you can say suggestions that you need to follow for the safety of your induction cooktop.

Don’t ever thump the cookware on the induction stove as it can damage it. Moreover, instead of sliding the cookware, try to lift it up. It will be a great approach to store the heavy materials from the cooktop zone. In this way, you will minimize the chances of falling any object to the cooktop. It is something that differentiates ceramic and induction cooktops.

Sometimes, sugar spills over the induction; clean it immediately before it gets hard. If it becomes hard, it will leave permanent marks on the surface.

Always use the child locker to prevent any unwanted accidents. Don’t ever use the induction stove as a cutting board. Furthermore, keep the aluminum and plastic materials away from the eating zone.

Lastly, always use the cooktop, which is the same in diameter as the heating coil/ring on the top of the cooktop’s surface. If it is bigger than the heating zone ring, it should not exceed more than half an inch. Always keep the cooktop neat and clean and cover it when not in use.


The good things don’t come cheap, and if it’s your bad luck. It may break up, and you need to be ready for a repair or replacement according to your preference. You need to consume high costs to repair induction cooktop. Using induction cooktops will save more money than using electric or gas stoves. All is due to the energy efficiency offered by induction cooktops.

The best thing for the longevity of your induction cooktop is to be careful and avoid any damages. However, in case if your stove has broken, it’s the best idea to call a professional technician for better care of the cooktop. On the other hand, you may reach out to the manufacturer for the repair.

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