Will a WOK work on Induction Cooktop- Working of Best Induction WOK

A WOK is a unique type of cooking pan that you can ever find. If you have the most advanced cooking technology like an induction cooktop, you might be looking around that will a WOK work on Induction Cooktop? Usually, Woks are used for different cooking purposes like stewing, frying, and steaming. There is no doubt this cooking pot is equally a favorite among most cooking enthusiasts.

Will a WOK work on Induction Cooktop

WOK cooking pot is popular because it takes minimal energy to cook food, and interestingly it will take half the time. In simple words, you can say induction cooktops are energy efficient and these pots make them more energy saving. So as far as the matter of working of the WOK on induction cooktop concerns, it will work on induction cooktop if it is made of ferromagnetic material and has a flat base.

Furthermore, you need a specialized WOK induction burner. In this case, you are exempted from the flat bottom of WOK. In this article, we will explain each step briefly and know the WOK pan working on an induction cooktop.


Benefits of a WOK:

As told earlier, it will not cook efficiently but also save half of your time. Apart from versatility, there are several advantages of Woks. Let’s have a look:

  • Special design to distribute the heat much more evenly.
  • Even heat distribution minimizes cold and hot spots and guarantees to finish the cooking at the same time
  • WOK pot will make the stir fry technique more simple
  • It provides a high level of heat for quick and efficient cooking
  • Highly stable while sitting on the cooktop.

Which Type of WOK Should You Use?

Every Wok will not work on an induction cooktop as these hobs have a flat glass surface, and the rounded bottom of WOK will not sit correctly on it. The following features characterize an induction-compatible WOK:

Flat base:

The conventional WOKS consists of concave bottoms that will not sit perfectly on the surface of the flat induction cooktop. Moreover, the heat will not be distributed evenly in the entire WOK as the whole bottom will not touch the cooktop’s surface.

Instead of conventional WOKS, opt for one which has a flat base and makes direct contact with the induction hob’s surface. The heat will be distributed evenly, and you will get efficient cooking.

WOK’s Material:

As mentioned earlier, the induction stoves only accept such cooking pans that are made of ferrous material. This material effectively conducts the heat from the induction stove and distributes it all around the cooking pan. Here are some most common materials for WOKS that will work on the induction cooktops.

  Cast Iron 

The most common material that is used for induction compatible woks is cast iron. It is not only perfect for induction cooking but also conducts the heat effectively. No doubt, cast iron material takes time to get heat, but once it’s hot, it will retain the high temperature for a long time.

Moreover, cast iron material is a bit heavy than others. It’s a good sign that your pan will not move around on your cooktop while offering maximum stability.

  Stainless Steel 

This material is very popular, and people prefer to have it as it is easy to wash. Moreover, it is a hard, non-corrosive, and strong material that doesn’t break quickly. However, you can’t say stainless steel is the best conductor of heat. That’s why it is mostly combined with aluminum with multi-layered bases.


Aluminum is a lightweight and inexpensive material that doesn’t rust. It retains and conducts the heat very well and offers you a great cooking experience. However, this material is incompatible with induction.

Since the WOK has a rounded bottom, you can’t use a flat stainless steel plate to make it induction-friendly. So, make sure the base of WOK is made of induction-friendly material before purchasing it.

WOK’s Size:

Normally, the induction compatible WOK comes in sizes from 12-16 inches. A 12-14 inches WOK is ideal for feeding four to six persons of a family. The larger size of WOKs becomes problematic because you need to have a larger heating element on the induction cooktop. Moreover, you will need to have a larger dishwasher to wash such a big cooking pot and also extra space to store it.

Why Does The Wok Need To Be Ferromagnetic?

There are various reasons why the cookware has to be ferromagnetic to use it on an induction cooktop. It is necessary because the copper coil present beneath the induction will be able to conduct electromagnetic force through the WOK that will be used to generate heat.

On the other hand, if the cookware is not ferromagnetic, there will be no inducement of magnetic energy in the WOK, and it will not heat up. No magnetic energy means there will be no eddy current in the cookware, and the heating process of induction will not be completed.

Actually, the main heating process of induction occurs inside the cookware that is placed on the copper coil. If there is wrong cookware, it will not work.

Induction Hob WOK Adapters

If your WOK is made of such material that is not ferromagnetic, then you can use induction hob WOK adapters. They are easily available, and you can purchase them separately. If you have a frying pan, saucepan, and flat-bottomed WOK, then the WOK adaptor will work for all easily.

There are also different types of adapters are available that especially work for WOKS. These adapters create a shallow basin and fit perfectly to WOKS.

Final Words

WOK is really an interesting pot to cook many cuisines. Through a WOK, you can cook the food rapidly, and also it will distribute the heat evenly. The good thing is that most of the WOKS are dishwasher safe, and you can wash them easily. Furthermore, you can easily wash them in hot water and using a mild soap.

If you have a large family, then having a WOK at home is a must. You will get more space to cook more quantity of food. Additionally, handles on both sides of the WOK ensure good control and a perfect balance while cooking on induction. Most Woks are excellent to maintain the temperature and perfect for simmering and boiling.

Overall, the WOK is a masterpiece and the secret of delicious Chinese and Asian dishes. It is a perfect pot for stir-frying, boiling, deep-frying, and steaming. After following all the instructions above, you can have a wonderful experience cooking on WOK on induction.

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