Induction Cooktop Buying Guide- Portable, Smart and Large Ranges

Modern technologies are revolutionizing every field of life, and how the kitchen industry can go down the line? People were using gas and electric cooktops, but the invention of induction cooktops has added advancement in kitchen accessories. Its efficient working, precise controls, speed, safety, and many other features make it stand out better than others. But the question is how we can purchase the best induction hob. For your easiness, this induction cooktop buying guide will explain important features and points to consider while purchasing it.

Induction cooktop buying guide

Modern technology has made the cooktops woods-free, stone-free, gas-free, and element-free. This modern technology is induction cooktops that frees you from fuel worries. If you want to get a portable cooktop, the only thing required to start cooking on the induction hob is the electricity.

Before we go deep into what factors to consider while purchasing an induction stove, let’s have a look at the working of these modern cooktops.


Working of Induction Cooktop

It works with the help of the magnetism effect. Generally, it generates heat by creating a magnetic field with a coil of wire into the cookware. When an AC current is passed through the coil, it creates a magnetic field. This mechanism induces a resistive current into the cookware that generates heat due to resistive force.

You need to have specific cookware for induction cooktops. Every cookware doesn’t work on induction. The cookware should be magnetically ferromagnetic and conductive. When there is a resistive current inside the cookware, it will cause to generate heat. That heat will be used for cooking food.

Induction Cooktop Buying Guide

Before you purchase an induction stove, keep in mind that it requires a certain pot that works on it. Any induction cookware or pot will also work on other types of cooktops like gas and electric. If you have a plan to buy an induction cooktop, just consider the following important factors and features to choose the best induction cooktop.

Factors to Consider

Cooktop’s Size

The size matters when you have to do a lot of cooking or multitasking on a cooktop. It is great to have a cooktop having dual cooking zones so you can cook two items at the same time. Usually, induction cooktops are available with 1,2,3,4, or 5 cooking zones. People living in different parts of the world prefer a different number of cooking zones. Like four cooking zones are common in Europe and the USA, Three in Japan, and two cooking zones are liked in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, stand-alone portable inductions are perfect if you want to be on the budget. They are inexpensive and mostly liked in South Asian countries. The cooktop’s size depends on personal choice and budget. More factors like kitchen’s size, built-in space on the countertop, or over the countertop, or you want a portable unit.

It will be great to have an induction cooktop with a big body size. This will cause efficient air circulation inside the cooktop and keep the PCB cool. Hence, the PCB will work efficiently and cause long life of induction.

If we talk about sizes in cms, a cooktop having five cooktops should have a size of 90 cms. For four cooking zones, 70-75 cms is enough. Conversely, if you need one dish at a time and comfortable cooking, then having a portable induction cooktop with one cooking zone is a perfect option.

Cooking Zone’s Size

A cooktop having a cooking zone size larger than 21 cms is ideal for handling larger cookware. It is enough to cook efficiently in larger cookware. Generally, manufacturers define the size of cooking zones. They clearly mention the size of cookware that you can use on that/ Choose such an induction cooktop with extra-large, medium, and small cooking zone, so every cookware can c0me fit on it.

Control Panel

Control Panel, or you can say the main control area of induction cooktop, is the place where all the cooking settings are available. Usually, cooktops are available with three types of control panels, and that are:

  • Rotating knob control
  • Press button control
  • Touch sensor controls

Rotating knob control is a bit classical type in which a rotating knob is used to control the speed of cooking. On the other hand, the press button control hob has different settings buttons. Each button specifies a different operation. This addition in induction hobs has made the cooking process easier.

If we talk about touch panels, they are more expensive than all other types. It displays different settings on the screen, and you can use them by touching the screen. This is the most advanced type of induction stove.

Temperature and Power Control

Before purchasing the induction cooktop, you must check the temperature interval settings. Make consideration of such a cooktop that has lower temperature settings intervals. You can make it more user-friendly by having lower intervals.

Furthermore, it is important to have an induction cooktop with lower power settings. There are some fixed-temperature cooktops available that don’t let you change the temperature. However, make a consideration that has adjustable temperature settings in between 140 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

If we talk about power levels, some induction cooktops have a maximum power of 2100 W, and some are available from 1500w to 1700w. Both the cooktops will provide the same temperature and let you enjoy the cooking process. Here, we recommend you to have lower power options because they will cause lower energy bills and save a lot.

Various Power Levels

The latest induction hobs come with different power levels that let you set the heat level according to your need for a particular food. You can adjust the power level while cooking the food. For example, if we talk about 1800W induction, it comes with ten different power settings in between 200W to 1800W.

Some of the cooktops have high power, and they have a power management system. This system divides the power between cooking zones, and the maximum power function is only valid for one cooking zone.

Cooktop’s Design

Design and color are something that depends on the personal choice of style. However, we want to clear that framed designs are mostly prone to build up dirt and grime in the frame’s crevices. The good thing is that frame can help to stop the spills and keep the cooktop safe.

On the other hand, if we talk about edgeless designs, they can crack and break if they are dropped accidentally or put something heavy on them. However, they are simple and easy to wipe.

Portable and Non-Portable

Portable induction cooktops are smart, and you can carry them anywhere easily. The only thing they need is electricity, and you can use them anywhere. This type of cooktop is perfect to have if you are going for an outing. In addition, it is ideal for those who are living in hostels away from home as it is super comfortable to use.

Advanced Features that an Induction Cooktop Should Have

After the invention of the induction cooktop, it has passed through many enhancements that are making it advanced day by day. It is getting popular due to the addition of useful features. Here are some top-rated features that you need to look at before purchasing any variant.


Timer settings are one of the handy features in induction cooktops. It is very useful when you need to boil or heat something for a specific time. You can set the time for a particular food and wait for time to over. The stove will shut down automatically after the time completion that you have set.


Most cooktops come with a one-minute built-in digital timer. You can increase it up to 170 minutes according to the food you will put on an induction hob. When the preset time passes, the cooktop will turn off to save power and prevent accidents.


The advanced induction cooktops come with a little display that shows electrical consumption, voltage display, child lock on the control panel, and many other features for user’s ease.

This feature is very handy to know how much power is using your cooktop and what features are being utilized.

 Auto Pan Detection 

Many induction stoves offer automatic pan detection features that ensure maximum savage of power. As the name indicates, when somebody lifts the pan, the cooktop will sense it through sensors and immediately turn off the cooktop. As soon as you remove the cookware, a symbol will appear on display.

Auto Pan Detection

Most of the induction hobs turn off automatically after 60 seconds when they sense the cooktop is removed from the surface. This feature will ensure minimum energy wastage and keep you safe from any accident.

 Cooking Menus 

The latest induction cooktops also include preset cooking menus. These presets have specified time and heat for each food. Most popular menus include boil, milk, fry, grill, stir, etc. Such presets are handy when you are in a hurry and want to do any parallel tasks.

induction cooking menus

Once you place the item on the cooktop and selected the built-in cooking preference, it will automatically cook it. On the other hand, you have to set heat and time yourself if these presets are unavailable.

 Auto Shut Down 

It is a must-have feature that is also called a safety feature. The auto shut down feature works when the cookware is overheated, or the cookware is removed. In case if you put unsuitable cookware on the cooktop, it will display a symbol and turn off the stove after a short period of time.

Some models have beep sounds that can be heard easily, and some shows flashes on and off on display. This feature doesn’t shut down the cooktop completely. One may need to shut off the cooktop manually.

 Child Lock 

Child lock safety features are very useful if you have little kids at home. This feature will lock the dashboard of the cooktop, and any feature will not work till the child lock mode is turned off. You can also use this feature while cleaning the cooktop or cooking on it as well.

When you turn on this feature, the display settings remain active, but all the functions are blocked. Only the power button is active for safety reasons. You can say this feature a big sigh of relief as it can prevent you from big mishaps.


If you are in a hurry and want to heat up the pan quickly, then this feature becomes handy. Activating this feature means you are going to heat up the food or liquid quickly with the highest temperature settings. After a time, it will reduce the heat automatically according to the preselected lower heat settings.

 Food Warming 

There is a feature on induction cooktops called simmering setting. This feature will keep the food warm and will not burn it. In this way, your food will be ready to eat anytime, and you can serve it without wasting time to warm it again.

AGA New Induction Hob

 Wok Cooking 

A wok cooking pot is originally from China that is used for cooking different Chinese and Asian foods. You can cook Chinese foods like stewing, smoking, frying, stir-frying, steaming, and roasting nuts. High-end induction cooktops come with wok cooking options, and they are pricier than normal ones.

The alternative to the wok cooking feature is to purchase an induction-compatible wok. You can use that on normal induction stoves easily.

Final Words

Till now, we have covered almost all the necessary points that you need to consider before purchasing the best induction cooktop. Having these features in your cooktop means you are going to open your kitchen door for the most advanced cooktop technology. Whether you will purchase a simple or the most advanced induction cooktop, it will definitely charm your kitchen.

We are sure this buying guide is perfect to consider before purchasing an induction hob. However, keep in mind that the induction technology is not safe for patients on pacemakers or having the same sensitive medical issues. Experts recommend standing at least 50 cms away from the cooktop to avoid any radiation from induction.

The above information is enough to make a wise decision. We wish you the best of luck to have an excellent induction cooktop in your advanced kitchen.

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