Ice Lab Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

Are you there in the beautiful part of the world and want to try something delicious? Don’t need to wonder around as we are presenting the best Ice Lab Menu & Price List Singapore. This menu includes some delicious, unique, and such a tasty stuff that you have never eaten or drunk before. Go through the detailed Ice Lab Menu & Price List Singapore band schedule your time to treat yourself with the delicious stuff.

Ice Lab Menu and Restaurant


Ice Lab Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

All around the world, every restaurant is known for its unique recipes and also their way of presenting the food. The Ice Lab Menu & Price List Singapore contains such a food stuff that you have never eaten before and will never forget due to their unique style of presenting the food. Here we have arranged the menu with the latest prices so you can visit and entertain yourself without any delay.

Categorization of Ice Lab Menu

The menu from Ice Lab Restaurant has been categorized as follow:

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  • Desserts
  • Bingsu
  • Cup Bingsu
  • Snowshakes



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  • Beverages
  • Coffee
  • Tea




The Yakiniku Like Menu and their kitchen team created interesting & sometimes novel hearty eats infused with a variety of brews to tantalise the tastebuds. 

Menu Price
Honey Bread S$9.50
Chocolate Melt S$6.50
Baked Cheesecake S$6.50
Injeolmi Bingsu S$19.00
Milk Bingsu S$15.00
Oreo Bingsu S$16.00
Lemon Bingsu S$17.00
Green Grape Bingsu S$17.00
Green Tea Bingsu S$18.00
Mango Bingsu S$18.00
Cheese Bingsu S$19.00
Yoghurt Bingsu S$19.00
Milk Tea Bingsu S$19.00
Watermelon Bingsu S$19.00
Chocolate Bingsu S$19.50
Strawberry Bingsu S$19.50
Coffee Bingsu S$19.50
Apple Mango Bingsu S$19.50
Korean Traditional Red Bean Bingsu S$19.50
Cup Bingsu
Injeolmi Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Milk Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Oreo Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Lemon Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Green Grape Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Green Tea Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Mango Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Cheese Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Yoghurt Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Milk Tea Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Watermelon Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Chocolate Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Strawberry Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Coffee Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Apple Mango Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Korean Traditional Red Bean Cup Bingsu S$9.00
Milk Snowshake S$7.00
Injeolmi Snowshake S$7.50
Cereal Snowshake S$7.50
Oreo Snowshake S$8.00
Yoghurt Snowshake S$8.00
Coconut Snowshake S$8.00
Milk Tea Snowshake S$8.50
Strawberry Snowshake S$8.50
Chocolate Snowshake S$8.50
Mango Yoghurt Snowshake S$8.50
Blueberry Yoghurt Snowshake S$8.50
Vanilla Snowshake S$8.50
Mango Snowshake S$8.50
Mango Coconut Snowshake S$9.00
Java Chip Snowshake S$9.00
Mint Chocolate Snowshake S$9.00
Coffee Snowshake S$9.00
Chocolate Latte S$5.50
Green Tea Latte S$5.50
Injeolmi Latte S$6.00
Cereal Latte S$6.00
Milk Tea Latte S$6.00
Taro Latte S$6.00
Hojicha Latte S$6.00
Sweet Potato Latte S$6.00
Earl Grey Latte S$6.00
Mint Chocolate Latte S$6.50
Ade (Can mix up to 3 flavours) S$7.50
Americano S$5.50
Cafe Latte S$6.50
Cafe Mocha S$7.00
Caramel Cafe Mocha S$7.00
White Mocha S$7.00
Cappuccino (Cinnamon powder on top) S$6.50
Caramel Macchiato (Caramel sauce on top) S$7.00
Vanilla Latte S$7.00
Coconut Latte S$7.50
Fruit Tea S$5.50
Chamomile Tea S$5.50
Peppermint Tea S$5.50
Green Tea S$5.50
Jasmine Tea S$5.50
Earl Grey Tea S$5.50
Darjeeling Tea S$5.50
English Breakfast Tea S$5.50


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Real Time View Of Ice Lab Restaurant

Location Of Ice Lab Restaurant

Opening Hours Of Ice Lab Restaurant

  • Wednesday, 11am–11pm
  • Thursday, 11am–11pm
  • Friday, 11am–1am
  • Saturday, 11am–1am
  • Sunday, 11am–11pm
  • Monday, 11am–11pm
  • Tuesday, 11am–11pm


How you see Ice Lab Menu and Restaurant?

This restaurant is known for quality food service. Quality of taste is inconsistent, sometimes deliciously good, and sometimes superb.

Does Ice Lab Restaurant offer Takeout?

Yes definitely. Whether you want to eat by sitting there or want to take out the food, you are not bounded. Just order your desired items and enjoy.

How you rate Ice Lab Restaurant ?

According to the feedbacks from customers, we rate this restaurant:

  • Food: 5
  • Service: 5
  • Value: 4
  • Atmosphere: 4.5

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