Dal.komm Coffee Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

Are you there in the beautiful part of the world and want to try something delicious? Don’t need to wonder around as we are presenting the best Dal.komm Coffee Menu & Price List Singapore This menu includes some delicious, unique, and such a tasty stuff that you have never eaten or drunk before. Go through the detailed Dal.komm Coffee Menu & Price List Singapore and schedule your time to treat yourself with the delicious stuff.

Dal.komm Coffee restaurant


Dal.komm Coffee Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

All around the world, every restaurant is known for its unique recipes and also their way of presenting the food. The Dal.komm Coffee Menu & Price List Singapore contains such a food stuff that you have never eaten before and will never forget due to their unique style of presenting the food. Here we have arranged the menu with the latest prices so you can visit and entertain yourself without any delay.

Categorization Of Dal.komm Coffee Menu

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  • Salads
  • Savory Treats
  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Hot Bites
  • Specials


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  • Desserts
  • Coffee
  • Non Coffee
  • Tea
  • Ice Blended
  • Ade



The Saizeriya Menu and their kitchen team created interesting & sometimes novel hearty eats infused with a variety of brews to tantalise the tastebuds. 

Menu Price
Crab Cake Salad S$15.90
Oppa Chix Salad S$13.90
Savory Treats
Croque Monsieur S$10.00
Sunny Cruffin S$11.90
Signature Ssamjang Chicken Cruffin S$11.90
Shiitake Mushroom & Egg Cruffin S$11.90
Ham & Cheese Croissant S$7.90
Croissant S$3.90
Breakfast Burrito S$9.90
Signature Buldak Crab Pasta S$17.90
Creamy Carbonara S$14.90
Tomato Garlic Pasta S$11.90
Kimchi Pizza S$14.90
Ssamjang Chicken Pizza S$14.90
Shiitake Mushroom Pizza S$14.90
Hot Bites
Honey Hotteok S$4.00
Pistachio Hotteok S$5.00
Signature Oven Baked Wings S$12.90
Crab Buchimgae S$14.90
Tteokbokki S$10.90
Korean Fried Cheese Stick S$14.90
Sweete Potato Fries S$10.90
Honey Coffee Cube S$9.00
Strawberry Cube S$9.00
Mango Cube S$9.00
Blueberry Cube S$9.00
Honey Grapefruit S$9.00
Mango Overload S$9.40
Pistachio Tart S$9.50
Signature Mocha Tart S$9.50
Lemon Meringue Tart S$9.90
Espresso S$5.00
Macchiato S$5.00
Americano S$5.50
Cafe Latte S$7.00
Cappuccino S$7.00
Flat White S$7.50
Vanilla Latte S$7.50
Mocha S$7.50
Caramel Machiatto S$7.50
Rose Latte S$7.50
Piccolo Latte S$5.00
Non Coffee
Chocolate S$7.00
Green Tea Latte S$7.00
Sweet Potato Latte S$7.50
Royal Milk Tea S$7.50
Injeolmi Latte S$7.50
Citron Tea Yuzu S$6.50
Red Elderberry S$6.00
Sweet Rooibos Tea S$6.00
Earl Grey S$6.00
Chamomile S$6.00
Peppermint S$6.00
Green Tea S$6.00
Ice Blended
Summer Berries Ice-Blended S$9.40
Mocha Ice Blended S$8.00
Caramel Ice Blended S$8.00
Caramel Mocha Ice Blended S$8.50
Vanilla Ice Blended S$8.00
Chocolate Ice Blended S$8.00
Green Tea Ice Blended S$8.00
Sweet Potato Ice Blended S$8.50
Yuzu Greek Yogurt Ice Blended S$8.50
Greek Yogurt Ice Blended S$8.00
Grapefruit Ade S$8.00
Strawberry Lemonade S$8.00
Yuzu Citron Ade S$8.00


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Real Time View of Dal.komm Coffee Restaurant

In this video, you can see the restaurant in and its food in real time:

Location of Dal.komm Coffee Restaurant

Here is the exact location of Dal.komm Coffee restaurant:

Opening Hours Of Dal.komm Coffee Restaurant

Here are the exact timings of restaurant opening all the week day by day:

  • Friday, 10AM–10PM
  • Saturday, 10AM–10PM
  • Sunday, 10AM–10PM
  • Monday, 10AM–10PM
  • Tuesday, 10AM–10PM
  • Wednesday, 10AM–10PM
  • Thursday, 10AM–10PM


Who Owns Dal.komm Coffee restaurant?

This restaurant is owned by Danal Entertainment, under Danal Co., Ltd. Basically, it is South Korean Based food chain that was established in 2013 and now it has several outlets around the country.

What actually is Dal.komm Caffe?

Basically, it is popular cafe branch in Korea established in 1997. Then it was expanded to other countries. The name of this restaurant means “sweet”.

How you rate Dal.komm Coffee restaurant?

According to the feedbacks, we rate it:

  • Food: 4.8
  • Service: 5
  • Value: 4.7
  • Atmosphere: 4.8

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