iTEA Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

iTEA is a cozy spot that’s all about bringing a delightful tea experience to everyone. As you walk in, the inviting aroma of various tea blends fills the air, creating a comforting atmosphere. Their menu is like a tea-lover’s dream, featuring classic favorites like rich and creamy milk tea, adventurous options like Taro Milk Tea with boba for those seeking something unique, and refreshing Fruit Tea with playful lychee jelly. You can also dive into the world of Japanese-inspired flavors with the earthy Matcha Latte or opt for a lighter twist with the fragrant Jasmine Milk Tea. iTEA is not just a tea spot; it’s a cozy corner for everyone who loves a good cup of tea.

iTEA Menu & Price List Singapore


iTEA Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

iTEA isn’t just your average tea joint; it’s a warm and welcoming haven for anyone who savors the bliss of a perfect cup of tea. This charming spot goes beyond the ordinary, creating a cozy atmosphere where tea enthusiasts can unwind and relish their favorite brews. Whether you’re into classic milk tea, adventurous taro concoctions with boba, or the refreshing vibes of fruit tea with playful lychee jelly, iTEA has a little something for every tea lover. The ambiance, coupled with the ability to customize sweetness levels, makes it a go-to place for a delightful and personalized tea experience.

Categorization of iTEA Menu

  • TaroBobo
  • Milk Tea
  • Premium Tea
  • Juice/Yakult
  • Macchiato/Latte
  • Cool Ice Belended
  • Premium Ice Blended
  • Smoothie/Yogurt
  • Smoothie/Yogurt
  • Stylo Milo
  • Q-Ball

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iTEA Menu Table and Prices


Menu ItemsPrice
Taro Bobo Fresh MilkS$5.50
Taro Bobo Milk TeaS$5.50
iTEA Menu

Milk Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Pearl Milk TeaS$2.80
Mint Chocolate Milk TeaS$4.10
Strawberry Milk TeaS$3.50
Caramel Milk TeaS$3.80
Honey Milk TeaS$3.50
Green Pearl Milk TeaS$2.80
Ice Cream Milk TeaS$3.80
Hazelnut Milk TeaS$3.80
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk TeaS$4.10
Grass Jelly Milk TeaS$3.60
Peppermint Milk TeaS$3.50
Golden Oolong Milk TeaS$3.20
HoneyDew Milk TeaS$3.50
Oreo Milk TeaS$3.60
Chocolate Milk TeaS$3.80

Premium Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Peach Green TeaS$3.20
Aloe Vera Passion Fruit Green TeaS$3.80
Fresh Lemon Green TeaS$3.50
Honey Green TeaS$3.20
Grapefruit Green Tea With PomeloS$4.10
Passion Fruit Green TeaS$3.20
Grapefruit Golden Oolong With PomeloS$4.10
Assam Black TeaS$2.50
Peach Green Tea White PearlS$3.80
Lime Green TeaS$3.20
Jasmine Green TeaS$2.50
Yakult Green TeaS$3.80
Ribena Black TeaS$3.20


Menu ItemsPrice
Fresh Lemon YakultS$4.10
Mango YakultS$4.10
Peach YakultS$4.10
Sprite LimeS$2.80
Passion Fruit YakultS$4.10
Aloe Vera Honey Lemon AiyuS$3.80
Green Apple YakultS$4.10


Menu ItemsPrice
Green Tea MacchiatoS$3.50
Fresh Milk Grass JellyS$3.80
Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh MilkS$4.10
Matcha LatteS$4.60
Golden Oolong MacchiatoS$3.80
Macchiato MochaS$4.60
Matcha MacchiatoS$4.60
Black Tea MacchiatoS$3.50

Cool Ice Belended

Menu ItemsPrice
Passion Fruit IceS$2.80
Bandung IceS$2.80
Strawberry IceS$2.80
Green Apple IceS$2.80
Ribena IceS$2.80
Mango IceS$2.80
Honeydew IceS$2.80
Peach IceS$2.80
Green Lime IceS$2.80

Premium Ice Blended

Menu ItemsPrice
Chocolate Oreo IceS$3.80
Chocolate IceS$3.20
Coffee IceS$3.20
Mocha Coffee IceS$4.10
Cappuccino IceS$3.20
Oreo IceS$3.20
Coco ShiokS$5.50


Menu ItemsPrice
Mango YogurtS$3.80
Peach YogurtS$3.80
Mango Peach YogurtS$4.10
Mango SmoothieS$3.80
Peach SmoothieS$3.80
Strawberry SmoothieS$3.80

Stylo Milo

Menu ItemsPrice
Milo MacchiatoS$4.10
Milo IceS$3.20
Hazelnut MiloS$4.10
Caramel MiloS$4.10
Peppermint MiloS$4.10
Milo LatteS$4.60


Menu ItemsPrice
Q Ball Grass Jelly Fresh YamS$4.90
Q Ball Grass Jelly AiyuS$4.20
Q Ball Grass Jelly Aiyu White PearlsS$5.00
Q Ball Grass JellyS$3.50
Q Ball Grass Jelly Aiyu Coconut JellyS$4.60
Q Ball Grass Jelly PuddingS$4.20

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Nutrition Values of iTEA Menu

Menu ItemCaloriesFat (g)Carbohydrates (g)Protein (g)Fiber (g)Sodium (mg)
Green Tea000005
Black Tea501005
Milk Tea1503255050
Taro Milk Tea2004305160
Jasmine Milk Tea1603.5284055
Matcha Latte1804.5206270
Fruit Tea1000.5250310
Lemon Tea20050110

These values are approximate and may vary depending on the specific recipe and preparation methods used by iTEA.

Jobs At iTEA Restaurant

  • Barista:Responsible for preparing and serving a variety of tea-based beverages, ensuring quality and consistency. Baristas also interact with customers, take orders, and maintain a clean and organized workspace.
  • Cashier:Manages customer transactions, handles payments, and provides excellent customer service. Cashiers may also assist with order taking and address customer inquiries regarding the menu.
  • Shift Supervisor:Oversees daily operations during a specific shift, ensuring smooth workflow and adherence to company policies. Shift supervisors may also assist in training new staff, managing inventory, and handling customer service issues.
  • Kitchen Staff:Prepares ingredients, follows recipes, and cooks food items as per the menu. Kitchen staff are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen area.
  • Store Manager:Manages overall restaurant operations, including staffing, budgeting, and customer satisfaction. The store manager ensures that the restaurant meets quality and service standards while implementing company policies and procedures.
  • Customer Service Representative:Interacts with customers, answers queries, and provides information about the menu. Customer service representatives are essential for creating a positive dining experience and addressing any concerns customers may have.
  • Cleaner/Janitor:Responsible for maintaining cleanliness throughout the restaurant, including dining areas, restrooms, and kitchen spaces. Cleaners ensure a neat and sanitary environment for both customers and staff.

Hot Selling Items

  1. Classic Milk Tea: A timeless favorite, blending rich black tea with creamy milk and sweetened to perfection. Its harmonious combination of flavors appeals to those seeking a comforting and traditional tea experience.
  2. Taro Milk Tea with Boba: This popular variation features the unique taste of taro root combined with milk tea and includes chewy tapioca pearls (boba) for added texture. The sweet and nutty profile makes it a delightful choice for adventurous tea enthusiasts.
  3. Fruit Tea with Lychee Jelly: A refreshing and fruity option, typically made with a base of green or black tea infused with real fruit flavors. Lychee jelly adds a burst of sweetness and a fun, gelatinous texture, making it a favorite among those who enjoy a lighter beverage.
  4. Matcha Latte: Catering to the matcha enthusiasts, this beverage features finely ground green tea leaves blended with milk. Its earthy and slightly bitter notes, coupled with a creamy texture, make it a sought-after choice for those with a taste for Japanese-inspired flavors.
  5. Jasmine Milk Tea: Known for its fragrant aroma, jasmine milk tea combines the floral notes of jasmine-infused tea with the creaminess of milk. This option offers a refreshing and aromatic twist for tea lovers seeking a lighter alternative to traditional milk teas.


Yes, iTEA offers a variety of dairy-free options such as fruit teas and certain herbal teas. Please check the menu or inquire with staff for specific non-dairy choices.

Absolutely! iTEA provides customization options, allowing customers to adjust the sweetness levels of their beverages. Just inform the staff of your preference while placing your order.

Yes, iTEA is committed to transparency. Nutritional information and allergen details for menu items are typically available either on the menu or upon request from the staff.

Yes, iTEA occasionally introduces seasonal or special edition items to its menu. These offerings may vary, so it’s a good idea to check for updates on the current promotions or inquire with the staff about any limited-time options.

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