The Boiler Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

The Boiler restaurant is a cozy and inviting eatery that brings a unique twist to the dining experience. Nestled in the heart of the city, it’s a hidden gem for food enthusiasts seeking a blend of comfort and innovation. The ambiance is warm and welcoming, making it an ideal spot for a casual meal with friends or a special night out. The chefs at The Boiler showcase their culinary expertise by crafting a menu that seamlessly combines classic flavors with a modern flair, offering a delightful journey for your taste buds.

Boiler Menu & Price List Singapore

The friendly staff adds to the overall charm of the place, providing attentive service that enhances the dining experience. If you’re looking for a place where good food meets a relaxed atmosphere, The Boiler is the perfect destination to savor delicious dishes and create lasting memories.


The Boiler Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

The Boiler is renowned for its delectable seafood boil, featuring a mouthwatering medley of crab, shrimp, and other fresh catches, all generously seasoned with their signature blend of spices. The restaurant’s lobster dishes also steal the spotlight, showcasing the chef’s expertise in preparing this gourmet delight. Pair these dishes with their famous garlic butter sauce for an unforgettable dining experience. Additionally, The Boiler’s succulent steaks and flavorful sides further contribute to the restaurant’s well-deserved reputation for serving up a feast that satisfies every palate.

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Categorization of The Boiler Menu

  • Set Menu
  • Pasta
  • Seafood
  • Salad
  • Mains
  • Starters
  • Drinks – Alcoholic
  • Drinks – Non Alcoholic
  • Sides

The Boiler Restaurant Menu Table With Prices

Set Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
CNY Abundance Set Menu (4-5pax)
Starters: Double Happiness Salmon Yusheng, Calamari Rings (with Wasabi Mayo), Flame Grilled Kurobuta Pork Collar and Belly, Louisiana Mid Wings, Sriracha Chilli Cheese Fries. Specialty Seafood Boil: Live Boston Lobster, Dungeness OR Seasonal Crab, Prawns, Mussels, Clams, Smoked Sausages, Pearl Sw


Menu ItemsPrice
Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag
Dungeness/Sri Lanka/Indonesia premium mud crab (850-950g) prawns, mussels, clams, sausages, sweet pearl corns & buns.
Boiler’s Duo Plus
(Sharing for 2) Crab (600-650g), prawns, mussels, clams, sausages, sweet pearl corns & buns.
Boiler’s Duo Bag
(Sharing for 2) Prawns, mussels, clams, sausages, sweet pearl corns & buns
(XL 900-950g)
(L 600-650g)
Boston Lobster
Chilli Crab
(L 600-650g)
Chilli Crab Dungeness/Mud Crab
(XL 900-950g)
SeaFood Bag Combo


Menu Items Price
Signature Haddock Fish & Chips
Premium Haddock fish fillet with a light batter and deep fried. Served with Cajun fries
Signature Fish & Chips
Lightly battered and deep fried. Served with Cajun fries.
BBQ Baby Back Ribs (Small)
Hand-rubbed with The Boiler’s secret blend of special spices and slow-cooked over a smoldering grill. Then slathered with BBQ sauce over an open flame. Served with Cajun fries and coleslaw.
BBQ Baby Back Ribs (Large)
Hand-rubbed with The Boiler’s secret blend of special spices and slow-cooked over a smoldering grill. Then slathered with BBQ sauce over an open flame. Served with Cajun fries and coleslaw.
Miso-Dijon Salmon
Fresh salmon served with mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables and a delicious house made maple miso-dijon sauce.
Crispy Soft Shell Crab Burger
Tempura battered and deep fried soft shell crab with lettuce, coleslaw and topped with homemade kimchi mayo. Served with Cajun fries.
The Boiler’s Ultimate Burger
A whopping half pounder with lettuce, tomato, onion rings and topped with our house made bacon jam with smoked Hickory BBQ sauce. Served with Cajun fries.
Southern Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Huge juicy crispy chicken thigh marinated in our spicy rub accompanied with fresh lettuce and grilled pineapple topped with house made special sauce. Served with Cajun fries.
Bangers & Mash
Grilled smoked chicken sausages with house made onion gravy and mashed potato.
Crispy Karaage Chicken with Onsen Egg Rice Bowl
Crispy karaage chicken glazed with burnt shoyu and onsen egg rice bowl.
Seafood Stew with White Wine
Seafood bisque with a medley of prawns, mussels, clams and white wine. Served with rice
Mains Item


Menu ItemsPrice
Cajun Jambalaya
Linguine and chicken sautéed with onions, tomatoes and peppers in spicy Cajun sauce.
Linguine Crispy Prawns with Tobiko
Crispy prawns, mushrooms and parmesan in a delicious light garlic cream sauce and topped with Tobiko.
Salmon Mentaiko Spaghetti
Spaghetti in light cream sauce with salmon and mentaiko and topped with Tobiko.
Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Spaghetti with crushed garlic, red pepper flakes, bacon, mushroom and a sprinkle of fresh parsley.
Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Fresh Prawns
Spaghetti with crushed garlic, red pepper flakes, fresh prawns,bacon, mushroom and a sprinkle of fresh parsley.
Classic carbonara with smoked bacon and rich creamy parmesan sauce
Pasta At The Boiler Restaurant


Menu ItemsPrice
House Chopped Salad
Chopped romaine with fresh corn, cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon, egg, cranberries and sunflower seed with housemade citrus soy wasabi dressing.
Crispy Soft Shell Crab Salad
Whole crispy soft shell crab with chopped romaine, lychees, cherry tomatoes, cranberries, crushed peanuts, crispy fried onions with sweet and tangy chilli dressing.
Salad Items


Menu ItemsPrice
Louisiana Spicy Mid Joint Wings
Miyagi Jumbo Fried Oysters
Succulent jumbo size oysters from Miyagi (Japan) deep fried with panko crumbs and topped with Tobikko
Calamari Rings
with wasabi mayo
Handmade Louisiana Jumbo Crab Cakes (2pcs)
with kimchi remoulade
Boiler’s Sampling Platter
Our popular starters which include fish & chips, fried calamari, Louisiana spicy mid joint wings, onion rings, Cajun fries. Served with nachos cheese and tartar sauce.
Cajun Boneless Crispy Chicken
Starters Menu Items


Menu ItemsPrice
Spam Fries
Sriracha Chilli Cheese Fries
Onion Rings
Sweet Potato Fries with Parmesan Cheese
Cajun Fries
Nacho Chips with Salsa
Sides Menu

Drinks – Alcoholic

Menu ItemsPrice
Stone IPA
One of the most well-respected and best-selling IPAs in the country, this golden beauty explodes with tropical, citrusy, piney hop flavors and aromas, all perfectly balanced by a subtle malt character. This crisp, extra hoppy brew is hugely refreshing on a hot day, but will always deliver no matter
Westmalle Tripel
First brewed in 1934, the Westmalle Tripel is a clear, golden Trappist beer that undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle. It is a complex beer with a fruity aroma, nice nuanced hop scent and a long, elegant aftertaste. Soft and creamy in the mouth, with a bitter touch carried by a fruity ar
Green Goblin Cider
Green Goblin is a full flavoured cider, crafted from a blend of bittersweet apples such as Dabinett and Somerset Redstreak. This is a beautifully balanced cider, with a medium dry finish and fresh character.
Choice of 5 flavors: Original, Green Grape, Grapefruit, Lychee and Honeydew
Corona is an even-keeled cerveza with fruity-honey aromas and a touch of malt. The flavor is crisp, clean and well balanced between hops and malt, a superior taste profile from superior ingredients
Amber Nectar Lager
Positioned as the easy to mix lager, A.N (Amber Nectar) Lager challenges the general perception of a typical light-profile easy to drink-lager.

Drinks – Non Alcoholic

Menu ItemsPrice
IBC Root Beer
San Pellegrino
Bottled Water
Coke Light
Ginger Ale
Bitter Lemon
Ayataka Green Tea
Non Alcoholic Items in The Boiler Menu

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Nutrition Values of Boiler Menu

Menu ItemCalories (kcal)Protein (g)Fat (g)Carbohydrates (g)Fiber (g)Sodium (mg)
Seafood Boil60030204551200
Lobster Delight8004025303900
Signature Steak90045352021000
Garlic Butter Sauce10011020200

These values are approximations, and actual nutrition values may differ based on specific recipes and preparation methods at The Boiler restaurant.

Jobs At The Boiler Restaurant

  • Head Chef: Leads kitchen operations, designs innovative menus, and ensures high culinary standards, managing kitchen staff for efficiency.
  • Server: Provides excellent customer service, takes orders, serves food and drinks, and maintains a friendly and attentive demeanor.
  • Sous Chef: Assists the Head Chef, supervises cooking processes, manages kitchen staff, and contributes to menu planning and inventory control.
  • Bartender: Skilled in mixing and serving beverages, takes drink orders, maintains a welcoming bar atmosphere, and ensures bar is well-stocked.
  • Host/Hostess: First point of contact for guests, manages reservations, greets and seats patrons, and maintains an organized and welcoming entrance area.

Hot Selling Items

  1. Signature Seafood Boil: The hot-selling Signature Seafood Boil at The Boiler is a crowd favorite, featuring a delightful combination of crab, shrimp, and fresh catches, generously seasoned with the restaurant’s unique blend of spices. It’s a flavorful and satisfying dish that captures the essence of the restaurant’s culinary expertise.
  2. Lobster Delight: The Lobster Delight is another top-seller, showcasing the chef’s mastery in preparing succulent lobster dishes. Whether grilled, steamed, or prepared in the chef’s special style, each bite is a savory delight that keeps patrons coming back for more, elevating the dining experience with gourmet flair.
  3. Garlic Butter Steak: The Garlic Butter Steak is a must-try hot-selling item, featuring perfectly cooked steaks smothered in the restaurant’s renowned garlic butter sauce. This dish combines premium cuts of meat with a rich and flavorful sauce, creating a tantalizing symphony of taste that has become a beloved choice among diners at The Boiler.


Discover the hot-selling dishes that patrons love! The menu features standout items that capture the essence of The Boiler’s culinary excellence.

Absolutely! The Boiler understands diverse dietary preferences. The menu includes enticing vegetarian and vegan choices to cater to a variety of tastes.

Yes, The Boiler provides a kids’ menu with a variety of child-friendly options. From mini seafood bites to classic favorites, the kids’ menu ensures that younger diners have a tasty and enjoyable selection to choose from.

Yes, The Boiler often introduces daily or seasonal specials that showcase fresh and unique ingredients. These specials add variety to the menu, providing patrons with exciting new culinary experiences during different times of the year.


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