Induction Cooktop Vs Gas Cooktop (Which one is Right Choice)

If we talk about familiarity, most people are used to gas cooktops as the gas pipeline is what they have been using for cooking. However, if you are thinking of updating your kitchen cooktop, you might think induction cooktop. But for somehow, people hesitate what they should opt for? Induction cooktop or gas cooktop?

Since we are a fan of both gas and induction cooking, we have decided to provide you an overview to compare which option is best in induction cooktop vs gas cooktop. After analyzing the induction vs gas cooking pros and cons, you might be able to select one product.

Looking at the latest technologies, induction cooking is the modern method of cooking. You don’t need any fuel in this type of cooking, and then the cooking process will be completed quickly.


Induction Cooktop vs Gas Cooktop

Induction Cooktop Vs Gas Cooktop

When it comes to cooking, most people are comfortable using gas or an electric stove. These cooking methods have been around for years and easily accessible. But the latest trend in the cooking industry is the induction cooktop. These types of cooktops have revolutionized the cooking industry. Since we are comparing induction vs gas cooktops, so let’s talk about the best gas cooktop first.

  • Gas Cooktop:

This type of cooktop consists of a gas pipeline, a rotating knob to regulate the amount of gas and two or more burners on which cookware is kept to prepare food. Having multiple burners means you can cook more than one foodstuff simultaneously. In such gas burners, the flame comes out from tiny holes of burners.

To reduce the flame, you need to rotate the knob anti-clockwise. A gas knob plays a vital role in regulating the amount of fuel to the burner. The gas knob is rotated to initiate the burner, and then a necessary spark to the gas burner is provided.

Now, it’s time to place the burner on the burner and prepare food. You can increase or decrease the flame with the knob according to what you have required.

  • Induction Cooktop:

If we see the word induction, it means electromagnetic induction. In such cooktops, electricity is generated using magnetism.

Talking about the induction cooktop’s structure, there is a coil of copper wire beneath the glass/ceramic plate. An alternating current is passed through it with the help of an electrical socket. A fluctuating magnetic field is produced through this alternating current that causes to produce heat indirectly.

To start the induction cooking process, you are required to have an electrical outlet and specific cookware that is usable on the induction cooktop. When you place the cookware on the induction cooktop, a magnetic field produced by the cooktop will penetrate the metal of the cookware.

Now the induction cookware has fluctuating magnetic field moving around it, and that makes an electric current flow through the cookware.

If we talk about the mechanism, this current produced is a kind of whirling, swirling current having a lot of energy but nowhere to go. Such energy is called eddy current. This current makes the utensil becoming hot and heat up the inside food by convection and conduction.

  • Material For Induction Cooktop:

The material being used for induction work should have ferrous metal such as stainless steel or cast iron. Generally, the induction cooktops can’t heat up copper or aluminum, or glass because the magnetic field can’t create a concentrated current. A method to check that the cookware’s material is compatible with induction cooking is placing a magnet underneath the cookware. If it sticks, it means it is induction friendly.

Induction cooktop vs Gas Cooktop Pros And Cons:

Any cooktop that you select depends on your style and preference. As said earlier, many people choose gas cooktops as they are familiar to them. The induction cooktops are new in the market that’s why people are hesitating to use them. Before considering induction or gas cooktop, keep in mind the following points.

  • If we consider security features, then an induction cooktop might be the first choice. Most people are concerned about security while cooking food. Having young children at home may scoot you away from gas cooktops as there are high chances of burns and leaky gas.
  • Obviously, the cost is the primary factor. No doubt, gas cooktops are much more affordable than induction tops. You can find them in any quality, or you can say the basic model of gas cooktop anywhere. However, if you are concerned with the quality, then an induction cooktop should be your first choice.

Benefits Of Gas Cooktops:

When you choose a gas cooktop, here are some benefits that you need to know:

  • Talking about the speed of heating, there is no intermediate medium to get the heat. As you turn on the fire, you have the heat.
  • Having the gas control knob means you can control the temperature. It means you can cook food at the right temperature as compared to electric cooktops
  • A perfect choice where power outage happens often. Gas stoves don’t need electricity, and they are available till the gas supply is there.

Benefits of Induction Cooktop:

Although gas cooktops have their own benefits, the induction cooktop offers many benefits as well. Here we will talk about how is induction is better than gas. Let’s have a look.

  • You don’t need to worry about anything when your food is heating up. It is the fastest and easiest method of cooking in the market that long lasts.
  • Induction cooktops are the most secure option as they don’t heat up. You and your children won’t be in danger of having this cooktop.
  • Since the surface of the induction cooktop never gets hot, it is super easy to clean. No chances for stuck-on food to scrape off. Simply use the soft cloth to wipe it down.
  • The heat flow can be managed according to your need. Using this cooktop means your kitchen’s temperature will remain cool. Moreover, it reduces the need for a cooling system in the kitchen and cuts your overall cost.
  • The heat flow can be managed according to your need. Using this cooktop means your kitchen’s temperature will remain cool. Moreover, it reduces the need for a cooling system in the kitchen and cuts your overall cost.


Like other electric cooking elements, induction cooktops are more safe option than gas lines. Such cooktops avoid combustion and gas lines. However, in the sense of high temperature, you need to be careful. Don’t cook the food at high temperatures as it could be harmful to health.

The induction cooktops are significantly better than the gas cooktops. If you are cooking on a gas cooktop, the food being cooked will receive only 40-55% of the heat generated as compared to 90% for induction. In this way, induction keeps the temperature of the kitchen cooler and more comfortable.

The main difference between both cooktops is the precise temperature control. Although the electric cooktops get heat quickly, they don’t cool down at such speed. Adjusting the temperature on the gas cooktop is easy and quick as compared to electric cooktops.

If we compare induction cooktops to electric cooktops, they cool down quickly. Moreover, they are easy to clean and more safer than gas and electric cooktops. In this sense, you can say induction cooktops worth it.

Since the induction stoves are electrical devices, they have all the hazards that any electrical appliance has. Since they emit Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), that’s why some people say it’s a bad option.


We have elaborated the difference between gas cooktops and induction cooktops with benefits. It’s up to you which will you choose. The factors that affect you to choose the difference between both types are the preference, style, budget, availability of options like gas pipeline and cookware, etc.

If you a nomad and have a better electric supply without any load-shedding, then induction is the best option for you. Having such a cooktop will eliminate the headache of gas lines etc.

On the other hand, if you want to roast the food, an important factor that can’t be neglected, then the only solution is gas cooktops. Roasting by burning the skin of the vegetable adds some spicy taste that is only achievable with flame.

Take some time and consider your habits, styles, kitchen design, and so on. And of course, what options are available in the market, and select the right cooktop to meet your culinary needs.

Cooking can be fun and beneficial for you and your family’s health. Will you choose an advanced option or still stick to the gas cooktop that you have always known—cooldown and think which will be perfect for your kitchen.

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