Krispy Kreme Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

Are you there in the beautiful part of the world and want to try something delicious? Don’t need to wonder around as we are presenting the best Krispy Kreme Menu & Price List Singapore. This menu includes some delicious, unique, and such a tasty stuff that you have never eaten or drunk before. Go through the detailed Krispy Kreme Menu & Price List Singapore and schedule your time to treat yourself with the delicious stuff.

Krispy Kreme Menu & Price List Singapore 2023

All around the world, every restaurant is known for its unique recipes and also their way of presenting the food. The Krispy Kreme Menu & Price List Singapore contains such a food stuff that you have never eaten before and will never forget due to their unique style of presenting the food. Here we have arranged the menu with the latest prices so you can visit and entertain yourself without any delay.

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Menu Price
Doughnut Boxes
Original Glazed® Doughnuts Box
Assorted Doughnuts Box
Whether you have a big family, party, meeting, or appetite & we are ready to serve you with our double dozen box of krispy kreme goodness. Perfect for sharing the joy of krispy kreme
Original Glazed Doughnuts
Original Glazed
Our world famous, melt-in-your-mouth Original Glazed doughnuts are guarantee
Assorted Doughnuts
Chocolate Iced Glazed
What do you do when you are craving an Original Glazed doughnut but need chocolate? You can get our Chocolate Iced Glazed Doughnut! A perfect combination of our world famous Original Glazed topped with delicious chocolate cream!
Chocolate Oreo
Love Chocolate AND Oreos? Then our OreoChocolate doughnut is perfect for you. A fluffyOriginal Unglazed with a delicious chocolate glaze,topped with Chocolate Oreo bits and sprinkled withpowdered sugar! What a perfect treat for anychocoholic
Double Chocolate Cake
Its Chocolate everywhere. Its for those who love to have some extra Chocolate.
Strawberry Snow
For a more traditional take on the jam doughnut,this yeast-raised doughnut shell is packed with astrawberry flavoured filling and coated with alight dusting of powdered sugar.
Premium Doughnuts
Boston Creme Pie
Our very own Romeo and Juliet romance. Silkyvanilla pod custard within fluffy dough scrumptious on its own. Paired up with an extrathick layer of chocolate icing, we created amatch made in heaven that is ever so slightlynaughty.
Chocolate Dream Cake
Chocolate lovers rejoice! If you have a thing forchocolate, this doughnut is the perfect fit for you.Pumped with rich chocolate fudge, topped withwhite chocolate cream and dark chocolateshavings, it is a perfect way to satisfy anychocolate cravings.
Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles
A delicious Original Glazed doughnut but made even better with a bittersweet chocolate glaze topped with colourful sprinkles. The perfect treat for kids and for brightening up your day.
Cookie Crunch
Love Oreos? Then our Cookie Crunch doughnutis perfect for you. A fluffy Original Unglazed with adelicious vanilla glaze, topped with Oreo bits!What a perfect treat for any Oreo lover.
Kit Kat
A fluffy shell doughnut, pumped with a yummy custard, topped with white chocolate cream and a Kit Kat. Have a break, have a Kit Kat Doughnut!
Matcha Green Tea
For those with a lesser sweet tooth but want a popof chocolate in their day. our Matcha Green Tea isperfect for you.
New York Cheese Cake (NYCC)
Not a fan of sweet things? Our New York Cheesecake is pumped with a cheese filling,topped with graham crackers; a less-sweet and simple way to satisfy your doughnut cravingswithout the usual sweet explosion.
Red Velvet Cake
Do not you just love all things Red Velvet? Our Red Velvet doughnut is a traditional cake doughnut, topped with cream cheese and red velvet bits. Perfect for your taste buds and your Instagram feed.
Speculoos Cookie Butter
Speculoos is a form of spiced shortcrust biscuit;what could be better than Speculoos bits mixed into a thick and gooey cookie butter that is then pumped into a fluffy doughnut.
Strawberry Cheesecake
the strawberry cheesecake is pumped with a strawberry cheese kreme filling, topped with strawberry jam & graham crackers.
Deluxe Doughnuts
Miss Messy
White chocolate with dark chocolate sticks & cocoa powder dusting
Hazelnut Delight
The Hazelnut Delight brings you a Magic In The Middle delight as it is filled with Hazelnut Kreme dipped with Dark Chocolate, drizzled with White Chocolate Stripes and topped off with a Hazelnut. Highly recommended for Hazelnut lovers
Hazelnut Original Glazed®
A new classic; our Original Glazed doughnuts are upgraded, filled with thick, creamy, and decadent Nutella spread. Popularised by Krispy Kreme Dominican Republic, brought to you exclusive by Krispy Kreme Singapore
330 ml
Heaven & Earth Jasmine Green Tea
Heaven & Earth Lemon Tea
Minute Maid Pulpy
Krispy Kreme Drinking Water
500 ml


What is in 12 box of Krispy kreme?

in 12 box of Krispy Kreme, you will get 24 Original Glazed rings and 24 assorted filled and ring doughnuts. That’s enough to enjoy for a group of small gathering.

What will you get at Krispy Kreme?

At Krispy Kreme, you can get a variety of doughnuts, beverages, and other related products and services.

What is the famous donut of Krispy Kreme?

The most famous donut at Krispy Kreme is Original Glazed donut. Probably, it is one of the things that you should not miss at this restaurant.

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