Duckland Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Duckland, a popular spot in Singapore, is bringing an exciting mix of flavors to its menu. Known for its delicious duck dishes, including classics like roasted duck and innovative options like crispy duck skin bao, It offers a tasty experience that won’t break the bank. The 2023 price list is designed to keep things affordable, making it a go-to place for both duck enthusiasts and those looking for a delightful dining adventure without the hefty price tag. Head to Duckland for a delicious and budget-friendly taste of the best in duck cuisine in the heart of Singapore.


Duckland Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

Duckland in Singapore is renowned for its delectable duck dishes, with the classic roasted duck and crispy duck skin bao standing out as customer favorites. The menu also features an aromatic duck noodle soup, showcasing the restaurant’s skill in combining traditional flavors with a modern twist. These signature dishes have made Duckland a popular choice for those seeking a delightful and flavorful experience with duck cuisine in the heart of Singapore.

Duckland Menu Categorization

  • NEW Bundle Set
  • Whites
  • Duckland Value Sets
  • Greens
  • Staples
  • Snacks
  • Soup
  • Duckland Signature
  • Finger Food
  • Salads & Greens
  • Homemade Special
  • Drinks

The Fat Cow Menu and their kitchen team created interesting & sometimes novel hearty Food items to tantalize the tastebuds.

Duckland Menu Table With Updated Prices

NEW Bundle Set

Menu ItemsPrice
Bundle Set A
Good for 2 – 3 persons. Includes: 1. Long Long Spicy Spring Roll (3pcs) 2. Duck Fat Fries 3. Roast Irish Peking Duck 4.Salted Vegetable Duck Soup (2 bowls)
Bundle Set B
Good for 2 – 3 persons. Includes: 1. Long Long Spicy Spring Roll (3pcs) 2. Duck Fat Fries 3. Crispy Aromatic Duck (half) 4. Shrimp Dumpling Soup 5. Steamed Duck Rice (2 bowls)
Bundle Set C
Good for 4 – 5 persons. Includes: 1. Long Long Spicy Spring Roll (3pcs) 2. Duck Fat Fries 3. Roast Irish Duck (half) 4. Crispy Aromatic Duck (half) 5. Irish Lamb Stew with Baguette 6. Salted Vegetable Duck Soup (4 bowls) 7. Steamed Duck Rice (4 bowls)

Duckland Value Sets

Menu ItemsPrice
Value Set A
Roast Duck Rice with Coke
Value Set B
Duck Fried Rice with Coke
Value Set C
Spaghetti Duck Bolognese with Coke
Value Set D
Roast Duck Rice with Fizzy Lemonade
Value Set E
Duck Fried Rice with Fizzy Lemonade
Value Set F
Spaghetti Duck Bolognese with Fizzy Lemonade
Duckland Value Sets at Duckland


Menu ItemsPrice
Chye Poh FriesS$12.00
Battered Pig EarsS$14.00
Spicy Glazed Mid WingsS$14.00
Lime Leaf Soy Glazed Mid WingsS$14.00
Lime Leaf Soy Glazed Mid WingsS$14.00
Slake CrabcakesS$19.00
Spiced Seafood & Corn FrittersS$19.00


Menu ItemsPrice
Charcoal Grilled SeafoodS$98.00


Menu ItemsPrice
Charred Gula Melaka Brussel SproutsS$14.00
Charcoal Grilled Vegetable Platter (Half)S$18.00
Slake Caesar SaladS$18.00


Menu ItemsPrice
Vegetable Linguine Aglio Olio (V)S$19.00
Smoked Duck Linguine CarbonaraS$19.00
Seafood Laksa LinguineS$22.00
Slake Nasi KerabuS$19.00
Shiok & Spicy RiceS$9.00

Duckland Signature

Menu ItemsPrice
Whole Roast Irish DuckS$72.80
Half Roast Irish DuckS$38.50
Roast Irish Peking DuckS$47.90
Crispy Aromatic DuckS$36.20
Duck Confit & WaffleS$23.00
Charcoal-grilled Babyback RibsS$30.70
Irish Lamb Stew with BaguetteS$25.60
Duck Soup NoodlesS$14.80
Duck Fried RiceS$14.80
Roast Duck RiceS$14.80
Spaghetti Duck BologneseS$15.80
Duck Liver TerrineS$17.00
Steamed Duck RiceS$2.15
Duckland Signature Items at Duckland


Menu ItemsPrice
Salted Vegetable Duck SoupS$8.20
Shrimp Dumpling SoupS$12.60
Mushroom SoupS$7.10
Soup Menu Items at Duckland

Finger Food

Menu ItemsPrice
Crisp-fried Duck Wing SticksS$9.40
Crisp-fried Chicken Wing SticksS$9.40
Tomato-Pineapple Duck PieS$9.30
Black Pepper Duck PieS$9.30
Long Long Spicy Spring RollS$10.60
Calamari RingsS$10.60
Duck Fat FriesS$8.20
Deep-Fried Duck TongueS$10.60
Finger Food Items in Duckland Menu

Salads & Greens

Menu ItemsPrice
Caesar Salad with Duck Liver TerrineS$19.30
Caesar Salad with CalamariS$13.90
Seasonal VegetablesS$14.80
Salads & Greens Items

Homemade Special

Menu ItemsPrice
Passion Fruit SpritzerS$4.50
Duckland SlingS$4.50
Fizzy LemonadeS$4.50
Lavender LemonadeS$4.50
Strawberry LemonadeS$4.50


Menu ItemsPrice
Coke LightS$3.50
Oxygenated WaterS$2.00
San Pellergrino (Sparkling Water)S$6.00

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Real Time View Of Duckland Restaurant

Location Of Duckland Restaurant

Opening Hours Of Duckland Restaurant

  • Wednesday 11am-3pm, 5-10pm
  • Thursday 11am-3pm, 5-10pm
  • Friday 11am-3pm, 5-10pm
  • Saturday 11am-3pm, 5-10pm
  • Sunday 11am-3pm, 5-10pm
  • Monday 11am-3pm, 5-10pm
  • Tuesday 11am-3pm, 5-10pm

Nutrition Values of Duckland Menu

Crispy Duck Confit45025g20g35g5g
Savory Duck Tacos32015g18g28g3g
Peking Duck Pancakes28012g15g22g2g
Aromatic Duck Noodle Soup38020g22g30g4g

These values are approximate and may vary based on specific recipes and portion sizes. Always check with the restaurant for precise nutritional information.

Jobs At Duckland Restaurant

  • Chef: A Chef or Cook at Duckland is responsible for crafting and cooking dishes according to the restaurant’s recipes and standards. They ensure the quality, presentation, and safety of the food.
  • Waiter: Servers at Duckland provide excellent customer service by taking orders, serving food and beverages, and addressing customer inquiries. They maintain a clean work area and contribute to a positive dining experience.
  • Bartender: Bartenders at Duckland mix and serve a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They manage the bar area, interact with customers, and strive to provide friendly and efficient service.
  • Manager: Managers or Supervisors oversee day-to-day restaurant operations at Duckland. They handle staff management, ensure inventory control, and focus on maintaining high levels of customer service. Their responsibility is to ensure the restaurant operates efficiently and meets quality and safety standards.
  • Host: The Host or Hostess welcomes and seats guests at Duckland, manages reservations, and helps maintain a smooth flow in the dining area. They create a welcoming atmosphere and facilitate communication between customers and restaurant staff.

Hot Selling Items

Here are some hot selling items at Duckland:

  1. Crispy Duck Pancakes:Duckland’s Crispy Duck Pancakes are a customer favorite, featuring succulent shredded duck, crisp vegetables, and hoisin sauce wrapped in delicate pancakes, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.
  2. Duck Confit Tacos:The Duck Confit Tacos at Duckland are known for their savory shredded duck slow-cooked to perfection, paired with fresh salsa, guacamole, and a touch of lime, offering a delightful fusion of flavors in every bite.
  3. Orange Glazed Duck Breast:Duckland’s Orange Glazed Duck Breast is a signature dish, showcasing tender duck breast with a flavorful orange glaze. The dish balances the richness of the duck with the citrusy sweetness of the glaze, creating a satisfying and sophisticated dining experience.


Our Crispy Duck Pancakes are a hit due to the perfect blend of succulent shredded duck, crisp vegetables, and hoisin sauce, all delicately wrapped in pancakes. It’s a harmonious explosion of flavors and textures that our customers rave about.

The Duck Confit Tacos feature slow-cooked shredded duck paired with fresh salsa, guacamole, and a touch of lime, creating a unique fusion of flavors. Customers love the combination of savory duck with the vibrant and zesty taco toppings.

range Glazed Duck Breast is a signature dish known for its tender duck breast and flavorful orange glaze. The dish strikes a perfect balance, offering the rich taste of duck complemented by the citrusy sweetness of the glaze for a truly delightful dining experience.

Yes, Duckland offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options on our menu. From flavorful vegetable stir-fries to plant-based noodle dishes, we ensure that there’s something delicious for everyone.

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