BreadTalk Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

BreadTalk is a popular bakery and restaurant that has won the hearts of many with its delicious and diverse range of bread and pastries. Walk into a BreadTalk outlet, and you’ll be greeted by an enticing display of freshly baked goods, from soft buns to flaky croissants. The aroma alone can make your mouth water! One of the highlights at this Restaurant is their innovative approach to baking. They don’t just make bread; they turn it into an art form.


BreadTalk Menu & Price List Singapore 2024

BreadTalk is renowned for its innovative and delectable range of baked goods. Among its famous items are the ‘Flosss’ buns, featuring a delightful mix of sweet and savory pork floss toppings, and the ‘Fire Flosss’ bun, known for its spicy kick combined with the pillowy softness of the bread. These unique creations showcase BreadTalk’s commitment to blending flavors and textures, making it a go-to destination for those seeking not just bread but a culinary adventure in every bite.

Categorization of BreadTalk Menu

  • Breakfast Booster Sets
  • Buns
  • Tea Cakes
  • Toast
  • Drinks
  • Spreads & Condiments

The Nine Fresh Menu and their kitchen team created interesting & sometimes novel hearty Food items to tantalize the tastebuds.

BreadTalk Menu Table with Prices

Breakfast Booster Sets

Menu ItemsPrice
2 Pc Buns Set
Includes 2pcs of Buns and Beverage


Menu ItemsPrice
Kaya Marble
5 Pcs. Crowned as Singapore favorite breakfast spread, enchanting pandan kaya in soft & fluffy twirls to inspire joy.
Curry Naan
Inspired by the robust Indian flavours, our curry naan is a soft leavened Indian naan with curry chicken fillings.
Sausage Standard Bun
One of our popular items. Premium chicken sausage cocooned in a soft & sweet dough.
Crunch your way to a nutritious day with our generous sprinkling of sunflower nuts & seeds. Flower power
Garnished with dried parsley, this bun packs a mini tuna mayo salad within, perfect as a go to snack for busy moment.
Ham & Cheese Bun
Ham & Cheese Bun
Butter Sugar Loaf
Buttery, flavourful, this creation is made from New Zealand butter, Japanese milled flour & lightly sprinkled with sugar.

Tea Cakes

Menu ItemsPrice
Honey Marble Cake
Light & fluffy honey sponge cake sandwiching a layer of smooth butter cream.
Marble Steam Cake
Cottony soft, light & airy marble steam cake. One is never enough
Original Cheese Steam Cake
Cottony soft, light & airy cheese steam cake. One is never enough.
Enjoy bites of sweet & savoury flavours with this moist chiffon cake covered in egg cream & delicious pork floss
Cakes at BreadTalk


Menu ItemsPrice
White Toast (8pcs)
8 Pcs. Our classic premium white toast
Wholemeal Toast (8pcs)
Our classic wholemeal toast higher in fibre & vitamins, make the switch to wholemeal bread & enjoy its wholesome benefits
California Toast (8pcs)
Taste the natural sweetness of California raisins embedded in this soft toast, delicious even on its own
Gourmet Fruit Loaf (12pcs)
12 Pcs. Laden with raisins, cranberries, blackcurrants & walnuts, each bite of this rye loaf bursts refreshing fruity goodness!
Softie White Toast (7pcs)
7 Pcs. Our classic premium white toast
Softie Wholemeal Toast (7pcs)
7 pcs. Our classic wholemeal toast higher in fibre & vitamins, make the switch to wholemeal bread & enjoy its wholesome benefits
Marble Chocolate Toast
Marble Chocolate Toast
Toast Pcs in BreadTalk Menu

Spreads & Condiments

Menu ItemsPrice
Peanut Butter (250g)
A scrumptious breakfast begins with this creamy & crunchy peanut butter spread that will keep you energized throughout the day
Assorted Kaya


Menu ItemsPrice
Hokkaido Milk Strawberry (200ml)
Hokkaido Milk Strawberry (200ml)
Hokkaido Fresh Milk (200ml)
Hokkaido Fresh Milk (200ml)
Soy Milk (300ml)
Freshly home-brewed daily. Made from specially selected soy beans which are blended and cooked for hours into fragrant soy milk. This in-house blend that has a charred taste similar to those of Taiwan soy milk
Milk Tea (370ml)
Take a break from boba & go the no-frills way for your milk tea
Drinks Items

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Real Time View Of BreadTalk Restaurant

Location Of BreadTalk Restaurant

Opening Hours Of BreadTalk Restaurant

  • Saturday 7am-10pm
  • Sunday 7am-10pm
  • Monday 7am-10pm
  • Tuesday 7am-10pm
  • Wednesday 7am-10pm
  • Thursday 7am-10pm
  • Friday 7am-10pm

Nutrition Values of BreadTalk Menu

Menu ItemServing SizeCaloriesProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fats (g)Fiber (g)
Artisan Sourdough1 slice1204222.53
Chocolate Croissant1 piece280632162
Chicken Avocado Wrap1 wrap4201845205
Almond Danish1 piece180320101
Cappuccino1 cup8011040
Mixed Berry Smoothie1 serving20053084

The actual values may vary, and it’s important to refer to official sources or consult with BreadTalk for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Jobs At BreadTalk Restaurant

  • Baker: Bakers at BreadTalk are responsible for preparing and baking a variety of bread and pastry items. They follow recipes, monitor baking times, and ensure the quality and freshness of the bakery products.
  • Sales Associate / Cashier: Sales associates or cashiers handle customer transactions, take orders, and provide a friendly and efficient checkout experience. They may also assist with inquiries about products and maintain a clean and organized sales area.
  • Kitchen Staff / Food Preparer: Kitchen staff or food preparers assist in preparing ingredients, assembling sandwiches, and ensuring the smooth operation of the kitchen.
  • Store Manager: The store manager oversees overall restaurant operations, including staff management, inventory control, and ensuring compliance with company policies.
  • Barista (if coffee is offered): Baristas, if applicable, specialize in preparing and serving coffee and other beverages. They may handle coffee machines, take customer orders for drinks, and maintain cleanliness in the beverage preparation area.

Hot Selling Items

Here are some hot selling items at BreadTalk

  1. Flosss Bun: The Flosss Bun is a customer favorite, featuring a soft and fluffy bun filled with a savory mixture of sweet and savory dried pork floss. Its unique combination of textures and flavors makes it a delightful choice.
  2. Cheese Flosss: The Cheese Flosss is another top seller, combining the rich creaminess of cheese with the distinct taste of pork floss. This pastry offers a perfect blend of sweet and savory, making it a sought-after treat among BreadTalk customers.
  3. Hokkaido Snow Roll: The Hokkaido Snow Roll is a popular dessert item, known for its light and airy sponge cake rolled with a luscious Hokkaido cream filling. Its delicate sweetness and soft texture contribute to its status as a hot-selling delight.
  4. Croissants and Danish Pastries: BreadTalk’s selection of croissants and Danish pastries, with various fillings such as chocolate, fruit, or almond, are often sought after for their flaky layers and delectable flavors, making them a consistent favorite among customers.
  5. Pillow Raisin: The Pillow Raisin, a soft and pillowy bread with a generous amount of plump raisins, is a popular choice for those looking for a comforting and sweet baked good. Its simple yet satisfying taste contributes to its popularity at BreadTalk.


BreadTalk’s bestselling items include the Flosss Bun, Cheese Flosss, Hokkaido Snow Roll, and a variety of croissants and Danish pastries.

Yes, BreadTalk provides options for health-conscious customers, including whole grain bread and pastries with reduced sugar content.

BreadTalk offers allergen-friendly choices, and while specific gluten-free items may vary, the staff can provide information on ingredients and potential allergens.

Yes, BreadTalk introduces seasonal and limited-time offerings regularly, providing customers with exciting new flavors and creations.

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