Induction Ready Cookware | How To Check Pan For Induction Hob

People prefer induction cooking over traditional methods of cooking due to its lot of advantages. Either it is a gas or electric cooktop, induction hobs are far easier to use than all other cooktops types.

That’s why its popularity is gliding worldwide day by day. However, you need to have induction-ready cookware to cook on these types of cooktops.

Either it is gas, electric, or any other cooktop, you can place any type of cookware on it and start cooking. But it is not the same in the case of induction cooktop; you are required to use induction-friendly cookware.

However, the main question is how to tell cookware is induction ready?
This article is really beneficial for you to know the quick methods to check the compatibility of induction cooktops.

It will take a few seconds to know whether you can use specific cookware on the induction cooktop or not.

Materials For Induction-Ready Cookware

Material is the basic element that makes any cookware induction compatible. If your cookware is induction-ready, it should be made of such material that is magnetic-friendly.

This means the material should support the magnetic field as it is the main thing due to the induction cooktop heats up. In other words, you can say the material that is not magnetic will not work for induction hobs.

The magnetic materials include stainless steel, iron, cast iron, carbon steel, and others. The induction cookware should not only be magnetic but also should have a flat base.

In case if you have induction-compatible cookware but don’t have a flat base, it will not work on an induction cooktop. It is because an uneven base will not enable the conduction of the magnetic field. The only flat base will work properly to transfer the magnetic field.

How to Check Induction Compatible Cookware

 Method 1: 

Checking the induction-ready cookware isn’t a tough row to hoe. Just make sure the following two points, and it will be 100% sure that your cookware is perfect to use on the induction cooktop.

  • Cookware has a flat surface
  • Cookware attracts the magnet

You can use any magnet to check the compatibility; even; even a simple refrigerator magnet is perfect for this purpose.
Keep in mind that having a flat surface is very important. As told earlier, your cookware will not work until it has a flat surface, even it attracts the magnet.

 Method 2: 

In case if the magnet is not available to check compatibility, here is another foolproof method to test the cookware. Just take some water in the pan that you want to test.

Switch on the induction cookware and place the pan on it. Make sure the pan is in the induction circle. If you feel the pan is getting heat, it means it is compatible with an induction hob.

Since the popularity of induction cooktops, many cookware manufacturers have started to mark the cookware with a sign. This sign indicates the compatibility of cookware with the induction cooktop.
Having induction friendly cooker means it can be used on gas stoves and electric stoves as well.

Now, if you are buying a cooktop, you have an idea that you also have to purchase new cookware. No doubt, an induction cooking setup will cost you more initially than others, but it is a lot more efficient than gas and electric stoves and will save a lot for you in the future.

You can judge its efficiency from the fact that 90% of the energy generated by induction cooktop is used for cooking. Only 10% of energy is lost around the cookware. On the other hand, gas and electric cooktops utilize 65-70% energy, and a lot of heat is wasted.

That’s why we are saying induction cooktop will benefit you in the future by saving a lot and providing efficient cooking.


Having an induction stove is really beneficial, and it will add a lot of comfort to your life. However, you need to purchase specific cookware to start cooking on it. Getting the right cookware is very important, and this article lets you know how to check the induction-ready cookware. If you follow the above methods to check the compatibility of cookware, it will prevent you from wasting your money and let you invest in the right cookware for induction.

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